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Cortical Field Reeducation

CranioSacral & Visceral Manipulation

Through slow micro body movement exploration, these BAW sessions, reawaken the enjoyment of movement. After receiving my self adjustment tools, your take away is knowing how to change your aches and pains into positive physical and mental well-being. My greatest joy in teaching these BAW lessons, is watching my students rebalance their body, mind and emotions. Whether on the floor or my table, it is our sense of play and self discovery, that is the key to your empowered change. When you are in your body, you can feel your truth, because the body never lies.

Let’s reawaken the neural pathways of your youth.

Corporate wellness program

Are you a Business Owner or Corporate Human Resources Professional seeking to provide benefits and classes for your employees in the interest of their sustained health, safety and well-being? Body Awareness Works Instructors will visit your designated wellness...

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Community out Reach Program

Through Charitable Donation Workshops, Body Awareness Works donates teaching services and business owners donate their space for their Patrons to experience this modality while benefiting a designated charity. Patrons will enjoy an intimate setting for ...

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Private Sessions

Book an exclusive one on one session for a personalized experience with Tomas. We move your body very slowly to access your sensory motor loop. So you can Feel, whats available and whats not accessible. Your brian chooses the middle way of ease and freedom.

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