Body awarness

Body Awareness Works - Transform Your Life At Healing Arts Centre

Have you ever felt the weight of persistent ache and puzzled if there’s a way to reduce it without surgical procedure or medication? My 20 Year journey of sporting accidents, car injuries, and surgical procedures ended in consistent, persistent nerve aches. The bad news is that this pain was a constant companion. The...
Body awarness

Community Out Reach Program | Body Awareness Works

A community outreach program for communities plays an invaluable role in creating positive change and improving individual and family lives. They build bridges to overcome differences and raise awareness to address pressing community needs. Here, we will examine its fundamentals as well as effective goals and ...
Body awarness

Nurturing Health: Corporate Wellness Programs That Build Communities

Nowadays, health and well-being are at the top of the priority list. Wellness programs are becoming increasingly important for corporations to ensure the health of their employees. Alongside these initiatives, alternative therapies such as Cortical Field Reeducation lessons are becoming more popular. But let's remember...


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